Electronics Recycling/Collection

After many years of expansion and a growing client base, we decided that we need to give back to the community and promote green technology through electronics recycling and refurbishment. There are many ways to recycle electronics and not all of them are good for the environment. At On-Site Computer consulting, we believe that the techology we use (and sometimes abuse) needs to be disposed of safely and efficiently, that is why we have made a commitment to dispose of all electronic waste in compliance with the Basel Convention. Our goal is simple:

Collect electronics that may have been headed for a landfill or export to countries with no safety regulations, and do our part to refurbish, re-purpose or dispose of them using environmentally responsible methods.

We have created an "initiative" called Less Waste More Hope. We are looking to partner with schools, charities, and non-profits in the Signal Hill and Long Beach area that are making a difference in the community but can do more if they had the proper tools.

Schedule a pickup...

Businesses looking to recycle larger quantities of e-waste can Request a Pickup and we will dispatch our truck to pick-up your e-waste. Pickups are often free and are scheduled at your convenience.


Additional Services available

We also offer asset tracking, secure data destruction and many other services. If you have any questions please Contact Us.

Items we accept:

Cell Phones
Networking Equipment
Server Equipment (Cabinets, UPS, Routers, Switches)